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M TRANS D.O.O. is a family enterprise, established at the end of 2004. We started with one freight vehicle, quickly followed by the second and third, and today we have six freight vehicles at our disposal.

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Podjetje M TRANS D.O.O. is a family enterprise, established at the end of 2004. We started with one freight vehicle, quickly followed by the second and third, and today we have six freight vehicles at our disposal. Together with an increasing number of freight vehicles, we have also constantly modernised our fleet. All our vehicles are equipped with tracking navigation devices and controlled by a tracking system.

In our striving for continuous improvements and the best possible adaptation to market requirements we never forget the environment, and all our vehicles have the latest eco-friendly EURO 6 engines, which means they comply with the highest environmental standards. All our vehicles are MAN mark. Two of them are intended for refrigerated transports, while the others are sheeted vehicles equipped for the classic transport of goods. All the vehicles have an increased height so that the internal loading height can reach up to 3.05m. Ever since we started operations, haulier services have been our sole business activity. We have specialized primarily in providing transports for various goods around Europe. The high-quality standards of our services are the basis for the company’s further development, and these goals are best achieved with the support of our fully qualified drivers and the modern freight vehicles we use.

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Types of transport


For this we use vehicles with a cooling/heating range from -25 to +25 °Celsius and temperature printouts.


Dual mode

All vehicles have a built-in partition wall that enables transport at two different temperatures.

Classical transport
with tarpaulins

Our vehicles can be loaded from the side and from above, so goods of different sizes can be loaded and properly secured.



We manage reliable transport operations of perishables with very short delivery times according to the client’s wishes.

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00386 41 819 180

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M Trans d.o.o.
Rusjanova ulica 6
1235 Radomlje

Tel: 00386 8 205 14 53

Tax number: 54744814
Company registration number: 2028417


Manager Mateja Kos +386 (0)41 819 180
(German, Croatian, Serbian)
Assistant manager Tamara Humbert +386 (0)51 673 435
(English, French, Croatian, Serbian)
Salesperson Vasja Železnik 051-399-434
(English, French, German, Croatian, Serbian)
TIMOCOM št. 80438

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We can transport goods to the following countries:


If your destination is not on the list, then please contact us!

We and our partners organize transport to other countries inside and outside EU.

Let us know your needs in good time and together we will find the best logistic solutions.


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